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Translation and Interpreting (German Language)



 Books which were translated from the original German into Turkish by Dr. Sueda Özbent:


The original German title of this book is: “Körpersprache – Schlüssel zum Verhalten “ (Body Language – Key to Understanding Behaviour). Otto Schrober’s book is concerned with types and interpretations of body language and how they can aid our understanding of others’ behaviour.















The original German title of this book is: “Frau mit Bart” (The bearded woman). Renan Demirkan’s novella looks at the twists and turns in the lives of two female friends as they sit in the garden of a summer house on an idyllic North Sea island reminiscing about the past.


Books publish by Dr. Sevinç Arı:

The original Turkish title can be translated as “The sociology of translation”. The book is looking at how contemporary sociological theory can form the basis of an analysis of the translation process and how a sociologically informed perspective can aid the understanding of the various factors impacting the translation process on the part of the translator. 

The original Turkish title can be translated as “Translation and Cultural Symbols”. The book is concerned with a sociological analysis of the cultural symbols which guide and inform socio-cultural attitudes and behaviour. Every culture produces its own symbolic structure through which it conveys meaning. A sound understanding of which is essential to a faithful transmission of content through translation

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